Importance of a good website design

Importance of a good website design

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In a fast-paced and changing technological world, businesses must follow the tides or get swept away by them regardless of size. Whether you sell physical products or provide services, you must always uphold technology's effect and the surrounding skills. The world is going very tech-savvy, and you cannot afford to be left out of that bandwagon.

However, among the numerous aspects technology has provided to businesses, the ones directly linking prospective customers and clients with the company are the more important ones. This is not to say the not-too-direct ones are not essential; they are the most important, as, without them, the direct ones might not function better.

One of those that provide direct links is Web Design. So, what exactly does web design provide? For example, do you know how you can easily log into Google and put in the search engine, which brings out a beautiful interface of our company website that allows you to do business with us from the comfort of your room?

That's what Web Design does. Web Design is why you can easily access and navigate your favourite sites, provided you have internet access.

Web Design helps businesses provide visibility, easy access and attention to their brands, helping their digital marketing. Digital marketing is a crucial aspect of day-to-day business life. Someone said to me one day, "The customers you need for your business growth exist. You just need to have the right tools to attract them". Digital marketing does this for you. However, digital marketing would not work to its total capacity without an active website, and a website wouldn't reach its maximum potential without a good web design. They are all linked.

Asides from visibility and easy accessibility, having a website helps your brand with good sales, promotion and advertisement. In addition, it allows your clients to easily give feedback and recommendations about your services as long as you have the proper layout and navigation to provide such ease. Transactions are also made more accessible with a good web design layout.

Many brand owners have argued that they don't need a website to make sales. While this might be true, having a website can help you quickly multiply your revenue.

Let's consider a photography studio. Photographers don't necessarily produce physical products but provide services that make visible results. If I could easily access a photographer's previous works and feed my eyes on his website, I could quickly decide if I want to employ his services. Brand owners must realize that humans are generally attracted to what they see. If I need a cake for my mum's birthday party, and a baker says they can make me a beautiful cake; my first instinct is to ask them to provide physical or visual evidence. Similarly, I'd choose an excellent professional shoot with a photographer who has shown me what he can do rather than one who talks about what he can do. This is what having a website does, and having a lousy or tacky design on your website would not allow that web page to do what it ought to do as soon as your prospective client sees it.

So why is a good web design necessary for my photography business?

• First Impression.

Most businesses underestimate the power of an excellent first impression. The first thought of your brand that registers in the potential client's head stays with them almost forever. As was mentioned earlier, humans are generally attracted to what they see. For example, I come across two different sites for two various studios. In that case, one

studio's website is beautifully arranged with their previous works in a nice layout and with excellent, inviting colours. The other website has way too much going on with the first page; I'm naturally drawn to the first one. It doesn't matter if the second studio has better work than the first. It immediately registered that the former has better organization and the studio is more put together than the former. It might not even be the case in reality, but I've been automatically programmed by what I have seen.

• Search Engine Optimization [SEO] strategy.

What a good SEO strategy does is increase your webpage traffic. It shoots your website up the ranks, so when a word relating to your website is searched for, it is among the first to appear on the Google page. For this to happen, your photography studio needs a user-friendly website. It requires one that can be easily navigated by clients so that they can realize your brand has the services they seek through your website.

• Leads generation.

We already discussed how good web design could help your SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy generates organic traffic showing prospective clients you have the required services. These allow you to create leads for your business. Business leads are the people interested in your services. These people find your page, get attracted to the website's design and aesthetics, and reach out to connect with you, especially when you have your social media pages linked.

• Builds Trust.

You are not a ghost. You are providing a service, and you have zero online presence. How do you expect clients to trust what they don't see or know?

People trust what they can easily remember and what has registered in their minds. A client connected with you through your website's easy access is more likely to trust you than someone you just randomly told that you are good at photography because they have proof of what you can do!

Having a website with a good design gives a competitive advantage. But, unfortunately, many businesses don't see the need for a website, not to mention a good one.

As a result, they have yet to determine how much visibility they can get from owning a website. You are in the right place! Get a website today and not a tacky one! Get one with a good design from,